Friday, April 10, 2009

More spring break fun and skating rant

It's now Friday.

Wednesday, I took the kids, plus a friend of K's up to Camper World's Hot Springs resort to swim. The water was a good 90 degrees, which was really nice.

Thursday, I took the kids to Arctic Circle for ice cream and playing (and met my good friend there so we could visit). I also supervised K's sucker making project.

Then last night, I took the older kids to Classic Fun Center to skate. It was dollar skate night. Which sounds like you can skate for a dollar, but that isn't exactly true. You get admission for a dollar, but renting the skates is another dollar. Then, for about 20 of the 70 minutes we were there, they did "blackout". You were "required" to wear something that glowed to be out on the floor. Conveniently enough, they sold lots of things that glowed at elevated prices. Well, if you remember my life jacket rant from the cruise, you can imagine how well that went over. Since they don't enforce the rules at all, I skated anyway, and encouraged my kids to do the same. I'd say a good third of the people there seemed to share my opinion of the "required" glow wear.

I'm not sure if our Classic is just ghetto, but it is so different than how I remember it. I used to go skating ALLLLLLL the time as a teenager. People never, ever went the wrong direction on the rink unless they weren't old enough to know better, and then their parents came and helped them out. However, nowadays (at least at this rink), you are constantly dodging people who are old enough to know better. Even more shocking to me is that there are people standing around on the rink NOT EVEN IN SKATES. They are just standing there, visiting. After a half hour or so, there was a gently reminder that you had to have wheels to be out on the floor, and that helped, but SERIOUSLY?!(see how there's several people not wearing skates? I realize this is a crappy cell phone picture taken while I was skating)

Nowadays, they allow you to bring strollers on the rink to skate behind. That way, baby can participate! They also allow scooters, and even rent them out.

The one huge improvement to skating nowadays is roller blades. They are so much better than skates!

Is it like this everywhere nowadays? Please leave a comment and let me know.

Yes, I realize I sound very old and crotchety in this post.

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