Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meatloaf Cake

A friend of mine gave me this idea for dinner. Because it was too funny to pull it just on MY kids, I invited SIL and her family over.

The "cake" is a meatloaf that I put in a larger cake pan. The "frosting" is instant mashed potatoes, and then some of it had blue food coloring added. My nieces were truly horrified that we were having cake for dinner. I was a little shocked, I thought any self respecting 8 and 6 year old would jump at the chance to have cake for dinner.

For dessert, we had meatloaf (brownies).

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jody said...

Thanks for having us over. It was so much fun and I am as suprised as you are at the girls reactions. Priceless. I will remember this for years to come.