Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Me!

Today I turned 33 years old.

Part of me realizes that this sounds incredibly old to the young adults. But, I spoke with my aunt this morning, and she said nothing makes you feel old like having your children turn 40. Point taken.

It was a pretty laid back day. My husband got back late last night from his big ATV trip, so he spent part of the day cleaning and putting things away. Then, he had my older kids weed the front flower garden for me as their gift to me (which was REALLY appreciated).

Then, we dropped the kids off at their cousins' and went to dinner.

All in all, it was very relaxing and nice.

Because I really am a 10 year old boy, I want a bike for my birthday. I haven't quite decided what I want, but when I do figure it out, we'll go get it. I want it to look cool, attach to my bike stroller, and be better on roads than trails.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Wendy!