Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Camper World Cont'd

I started a yahoo group for Camperworld members. It's here:


I've had quite a bit of interest in the group, which is exciting for me.

If you know anyone who belongs to Camperworld, point them in that direction.


debbie said...

I was really disappointed with Camperworld. We only joined a year ago, knowing we would pay annual dues and some additional fees occasionally. You could say we were pretty stunned. I called Camperworld twice trying to get some info about the new pet rules, and no has called me back. After we received the letter asking for money I again tried called again left messages, and as I write this Still no response on either issue. We are just sick that we spent so much money and now they want $2400 more. What can be done. It doesn't appear anything. My sister is a member of only two parks and she pays higher dues than we do and they are expecting her to pay this same amount as they want us to. Does that appear fair. Don't think so.

Unknown said...

I cannot make sense of the statements in the letter requesting both an assesment and advance dues, claiming to help us in these trying times, plus helping us to SAVE? $$.

My 2nd question, is why is not this brought to the membership for discussion and/or vote. We were not at the annual meeting - the held mail arrived after the date, when we returned to UT. The meeting notice and this payment letter was in the same mountain of mail.
My 3rd comment is wherein is the guarantees that they are promising?