Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Preview

My kids are all going to be pirates for Halloween. The school parade and class party was yesterday, since there is no school today. So, yesterday morning, the big kids got their costumes on, and full makeup.

S was really jealous of the costuming and makeup, so I painted a pumpkin on her face. Unfortunately, by then we were late to school, so I didn't take a picture of her face. I dropped S & Z at the sitter's house and took the kids to school.

Here's the kids during their parade.

After the parade, I volunteered to help at M's class halloween party. I was in charge of the "craft". I decided to do creepy finger pens, idea courtesy of Family Fun online, the website that also gave us the plans for the kids' sandbox. It was really quite simple to do. I gave the kids each a glob of air drying clay (I would've preferred Crayola Model Magic clay, as the stuff I used seems to crack as it dries) and a red ball point pen. I let them form the clay into a finger around the pen. When they were done, we glued a false nail to the tip, and then I let them use craft paint to paint the nail. Some of the kids painted the finger too. Some were extremely creative and cool with their painting. I wish I'd taken pictures of all of the pen fingers.

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