Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Snow '08

We woke up this morning to find about 4-5" of snow on the ground.

The kids were absolutely thrilled, and wild to go outside. S only vaguely reme
mbered snow, and was so excited. Z obviously doesn't remember snow at all and keeps pointing outside and saying, "Whoa!".

I am a little concerned about our trees. Up until this weekend, the weather has been really mild, and the leaves have just barely started to change color. We've only had a couple actually fall off the trees. Hopefully they will be ok.
I'm really glad that for once, I actually watched and believed the weather report, and I made the kids go harvest every single vegetable left in our garden.
Here's our veggies:

And here is our garden now:

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ReneeLynn03 said...

I'm SO glad we don't have snow yet. I hope the kids enjoy playing in it.

Wow you still had a lot left in your garden. The colors are beautiful