Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend

In a fairly long standing tradition, my parents invited everyone to their cabin for conference weekend. I think it's an attempt to get us wayward souls to pay attention to conference. It ends up being a ton of fun. We play Conference Bingo, in which we listen for key words and phrases and try to get a bingo. My mom buys a ton of prizes for the winners. This year, we made our own cards, which was a lot of fun. "Sin" and "death" did wonderful things for me, but "pornography" did not.

We weren't able to be at the cabin this year. The forecast was for a lot of rain, which usually translates to snow at the elevation of the cabin. We still did the sleepover, just at my parents' house instead.

Saturday night we made caramel corn and played "Apples to Apples".

Sunday, we played conference bingo. Unfortunately, my dad won the super irritating plastic flutes. I was planning to win them and have them as a special "when grandma babysits" treat.

After that, I made gourmet caramel apples. To make it easy, I bought the carame
l wraps. I coated the apples with them, and stuck them in a 200 degree oven for about 5 minutes. Then, I melted some milk chocolate and dipped the bottom in them.

Everyone got to pick toppings to sprinkle over the chocolate. We had crushed toffee bars, oreos, or crushed peanuts. Everyone really enjoyed it.

I apologize for the photo quality- I used my cell phone in not the most ideal light for a camera with no flash.


Kristen said...

Ummmm, yeah that looks really yummy right now!

ReneeLynn03 said...

That does sound like a really fun weekend. Those apples would look amazing if I wasn't queasy :P