Thursday, June 12, 2008

You know you have a lot of kids when....

K has been complaining that her swimming suit is "too low cut". Ever since she started 'blossoming', she's been very self conscious about her body, and has been trying to cover it up as much as possible. I think her suit looks fine, but I want her to feel comfortable. I bought S a swimming suit for her birthday, and although she's on the small size for 3, and I bought a 3T, this "swimming soup" is too small for her. Poor Wal-Mart sizing?

So today I took all four kids to TJ Maxx because SIL told me she got some really cute suits for her kids there at a good price.

When I walked back to the kids' swimming suit section, I came across a group of about 8 people in suits with "regional manager" name badges on. I over heard the one worrying about making his flight out, so they were definitely NOT local. The one guy's eyes kind of bugged out of his head as we walked by, and he said, "Wow, you've got your own school there, don't you?"

I have to admit I found it to be really funny. While four kids is a pretty impressive number in many parts of the country, it seems to be barely in the "acceptable" range here in Utah. Though I will say that I do get the occasional comment when I take all four of them out by myself.

Oh, and get this!!! I WON SOMETHING! I never win anything! Except that time I won a coloring contest that I thought was hosted by Arctic Circle, but I had to go pick up my prize at the funeral home. But I digress. I've been so pleased that I have real live business cards that I've been dropping them off at every business I buy food at (most local businesses have some kind of drawing with business cards every month).

I won free breakfast smoothies for the staff at my office! I was able to pick up several coupons that entitle the holder to pick up a free smoothie. The only catch is that they are only valid tomorrow. So hopefully I will be able to get them to a couple ladies at my office that I really like.

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