Friday, June 27, 2008

All together again

Sure enough, about 3 hours after I spoke with K, her counselor called me and said that K really wanted to go home. I told her that we would arrive to pick K up by 1:30 or so. The counselor was very sweet, and seemed genuinely concerned and disappointed that K didn't want to stick it out. She seemed like a sweet girl, and I was really impressed by how the staff had bent over backwards to make K feel comfortable and at home.

K insists that nothing happened to make her want to come home. She has said that if she had had a friend up there with her, she probably wouldn't have gotten as homesick.

J has every other friday off of work, so he came along to pick K up. The snow has melted significantly since Monday. The photo that has the cloud rim logo had snow that was nearly 3 feet deep. When we were there this afternoon, it was maybe 18" deep.

We decided to play in Park City while we were all up there. Everyone except for Z rode the Alpine Slide. I stayed down at the bottom with him and let him ride a little plane carnival-type ride while we waited. He then played in the rocks and had a good time. S rode with her daddy, and is apparently quite a speed demon. When J and the kids were done, I took my turn riding down alone. I haven't ridden the alpine slide since I was 16 or so. It was even funner than I remember. They also have a huge zip line, and a mountain roller coaster. Both looked like they would be even more fun, but you have to be 54" tall to ride, and poor M is only 49" tall (there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth at Lagoon last week because many of the rides have a 50" height requirement). We decided to go with the Alpine Slide since both S and M would be able to go.

Afterwards, we walked around for a bit, and ended up at a chocolate store. K and I got caramel apples, S and Z got marshmallows that had been dipped in caramel, then chocolate. M and J got these HUGE peanut butter cups.

We drove home using I-84 because traffic going down Parley's canyon was wretched, and I-80 west bound through SLC is under construction. We missed all of the awful afternoon traffic and had a lovely drive home.

All in all, it was a very pleasant day to spend with the whole family together.

It is really good to have all of my chicks back in the nest. I knew that K was safe and well cared for, but I just feel better when all of my babies are at home.

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