Friday, June 27, 2008


Last night, around dinner time, I got another phone call from one of K's counselors. Apparently, she "lost" her rescue inhaler, and they were concerned about her well being without it, especially since they were going on an overnight campout/hike. I assured them that she almost never needs it, and when she does, it is usually after exposure to animals. This just reinforced to me that she is probably desperate to come home.

This morning, a little before 7am, Kysa called me. Apparently she snuck and called me. She was very concerned about calling without permission, but just had to talk to me, and was begging to come home. She insists that nothing has happened, she simply misses me. I'm touched, but I am so sad that she's so upset.

I told her that I would come get her today. She was then worried that she'd be caught for using the phone (even though they'll notice when the phone bill comes, but I didn't mention that to her). I told her that when the counselor gets up, tell her that she really, really wants to come home, and they will probably call me. I will act like I didn't get the early morning call, and say that I'll come get her.

I sure hope they do call back, because if I just show up there, Kysa will be totally busted.

Poor kid. I really am disappointed that she didn't have a blast. I think she must be a little too young to be away from home, with strangers, for this long. Every once in a while, she does something that reminds me that she really is still a little girl, and not a 45 year old woman trapped in a child's body.

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