Thursday, June 26, 2008


This morning I got a phone call from the counselor at Camp Cloud Rim. Apparently, K has been very homesick since day 1. She has asked to come home early. SERIOUSLY?! Are you sure you have the right child? K seems like such an island, and is so stoic most of the time. This is the kid who talked about living with my parents when we were going to move to Japan. I'm not entirely surprised she's missing home, but I am surprised that she actually expressed these feelings to someone. She's not really one to talk about feelings much, particularly to people she doesn't know well.

I feel so bad because I know she's got to be really hurting to tell the counselors this. She's made a couple of pots, but they haven't been glazed yet. She's taken some pictures, but hasn't developed them herself yet. If she leaves early, she won't get to see those pictures, and she won't get to ever finish those pots. I can't help but think she would really, really regret it if she left early. The counselor suggested telling K that she simply can't leave. That didn't sit well with me because I feel strongly that K should feel like she ultimately controls her destiny. I told counselor that. But I did say to tell K that because of stuff going on, I can't come get K until tomorrow afternoon, and by then, it will only be about 18 hours til I come get her. And would it really be worth it at that point? As an aside, I did tell the counselor that I could drop everything and come immediately, but I was really hoping that K could work through it. I also suggested that she emphasize the things K will not be able to do if she leaves early. I think I arranged things so that K would get two letters today, so hopefully that will help. I wrote a letter for her to read each day. I then had M write her a letter, and J, and then my mom. I can't remember which extra letter I had in which day though. I didn't want to trust the postal system, so I wrote all letters ahead of time, and left them at the camp to be distributed daily.

My heart is hurting. She is such a tough, independent kid, and this is really out of character. I hope that she can work through this and enjoy the little time she has left. Truthfully, I really miss her too. I have to admit I'm really touched that she misses me this much. She is just so stoic and unemotional most of the time, so a display like this is rare. She is a lot like her daddy when it comes to emotions and feelings.

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