Thursday, May 15, 2008

Senile or Spook?

For the last couple years, I've been thinking I've become really scatterbrained. Constantly losing stuff. Sometimes I blame my kids, most of the time I blame myself.

The last month or so, things have gotten a little weird, and I'm beginning to rethink my senility. About three weeks ago, we went camping. I did laundry in anticipation of the trip. I got my jeans out of the dryer, brought them upstairs, and put them on my bed. Then I went downstairs to get a duffle bag. When I came back up, the jeans were gone. I rolled my eyes and how scatterbrained I am, and started looking around. I couldn't find them anywhere! I finally gave up and packed different jeans. About two weeks later, I found the jeans. Sitting on my pillow. They weren't there when the kids left for school.

When I was interviewing real estate brokerages, I would get a packet of information from each broker. I was really interested in Keller Williams, and had a big packet from them. I put it under my nightstand one night, and went to sleep. Then, I couldn't find that packet anywhere. I completely cleaned our room from top to bottom, looking for it. It showed up under my nightstand again about a week ago.

I shrugged both of those off and blamed myself. Last week, I bought these passes to a girl scout carnival for the kids. They came in a sandwich sized ziploc bag. So I had three of these bags in my purse all week. On Saturday, we arrived at the carnival, and the bags were gone. My purse isn't that big, it would be impossible to lose them in the bag. I tore apart my car, just in case they'd slipped out. Searched the front room and the basement (the only two rooms in the house where the purse would be), and no sign of them. I didn't want to buy the passes again, so we just left. The next day, i cleaned out my purse. Not in there. Monday, I went to get my keys out of my purse, and there the passes were. I sat down and talked to the big kids about it. They both seemed genuinely surprised and innocent. Besides, I think if one of them HAD taken the passes, they would've come clean when it looked like they wouldn't get to go to the carnival.

Yesterday, my mom babysat the littles so I could go to an all day real estate thing. When I came home, she expressed concern because a penny she'd left on a place mat was gone. She'd searched the room well, but couldn't find it. She was worried that one of them had swallowed it. I looked around as well, but couldn't find it either.

This morning, I came home from the gym and found a penny sitting on the place mat.

I've never really believed much in ghosts, at least ghosts in my personal life. Even now, I seem like a boring target. I just think if I were a ghost, I'd be doing something more interesting than toying with the mind of a busy mom. It could take YEARS before they caught on.

But this is just weird.


Chardell said...

This is so much fun! Just think all those years of us obsessing about ghosts as kids and now you finally have one. Congratulations! Remember when we would swear the barbies moved on their own when we would leave the room? I have to confess I would sneak in the room and move them half the time. But you probably already knew that and moved them the other half. haha! Good times.

Wendy said...

I would never move them!!!!! (looks guilty as I type this)