Saturday, May 3, 2008

Now, THIS is romance

A couple weeks ago, dh borrowed a tiller from his parents and tilled up our huge garden.

This morning, he put down a weed barrier. We're hoping that this will stop the out-of-control-unpullable-unpickable-mutant weeds.

Then, he picked up a huge load of compost and spread it over the entire garden. It looks so beautiful and black now. We started a compost heap last year, but there was nowhere near enough to cover the entire garden. With leftover materials, I put barrier down over my herb garden, and cut small holes for my three surviving herb plants, and then put compost.

I'd take this over chocolates and poetry any day.

Yes, I know the shed is ugly. We're in the process of re-sheathing it. When we get it finished, I'll post a picture of the beautiful new looking shed.


Goddess Findings said...

LOL! I love an ugly shed!

Seriously though, I do really like your blog design...wonder how you did that...? cheers,

Wendy said...

I'm not so good with the internet design thing. If you look in the bottom right hand side of the blog, there's a link to the lady who designed it. I picked a design I liked, and followed the directions.

I think her website was