Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Job

Quite a long time ago, DH put his resume on, a job search company. Since then, he's been getting several phone calls a week in response to his resume. Most of them are headhunters, and a significant number of them were pretty incompetent and hadn't actually READ his resume, so their leads were worthless. People have been entranced by the fact that he has his BS in mechanical engineering and has some HVAC experience. His HVAC (heating, air conditioning and ventilation) experience is somewhat limited; he worked for my dad while in college.

DH has been playing tag with a company that is contracted to do work on Hill Air Force Base. Every time DH is available, the guy wasn't. And with his recent spurt of traveling, DH hasn't really been around much either. They finally had a lunch interview a couple weeks ago, and the guy was pretty impressed. He arranged for dh to have a second interview on site with the people who would be his managers so they could look at the units DH would be arranging to have replaced. Apparently, he made quite an impression, as they made him a formal job offer Friday afternoon. It's a bit of a raise. They are also willing to give him the training he'd need to be truly competent in this field. So, professionally, this will be a great growing experience for him.

Dh is excited for the opportunity, but he was absolutely dreading giving his two weeks' notice. He truly likes his two bosses, and has a lot of respect for them. He likes the customers he works with. Since his bosses have tried to make the changes J demanded, he has been much happier at work. It makes it tough to quit when in general, you are happy with your job. He's been a nervous wreck all weekend, worrying about quitting.

He finally gave notice yesterday morning, but they were pretty busy, and the two bosses want to have a more formal sit down to discuss it, but at least the news has been broken, so J can relax now.

I am a bit nervous about the change, just because change is scary. It will be closer to home, more money, and a better growth opportunity, but it is still nerve wracking. We'll have to change health insurance, and it appears our new coverage will be more expensive, and not nearly as good. But, as we're all generally healthy, and Z is out of the constant well-baby checks, it'll probably be ok.

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