Friday, March 7, 2008

My daughter

My daughter, K, is 9.5. She is beautiful, funny, smart, and an absolute hoot to be around. She is not the typical girlie girl, and never has been. She never liked barbies, ponies, etc. The latest trend with girls her age is Hannah Montana and High School Musical. She is not even remotely interested. I recently drove a girl scout carpool, and the girls wanted to listen to Radio Disney. As soon as the girls were out of the car, K asked if we could listen to my station again.

A few months ago, she decided that she wanted to have a slumber party. I told her that she needs to get together with the girls she wants to invite a few times to make sure they get along outside of school, and so that the other parents would allow it to happen. She bought a book on how to have a successful slumber party, and has tried to culture relationships with a couple girls outside of school. She has gotten together with a couple of these girls, but they have never reciprocated. If she calls them, they'll sometimes play, but they've never called her. It breaks my heart.

Anyway, she decided she would invite L and B to a slumber party. Her very best friend, M, is not allowed to have slumber parties. So she talked to L recently about the slumber party, and asked her about a particular weekend. L said she couldn't come then because she was supposed to spend that weekend with her dad.

Today, she approached L again, and it came out that since then, L was invited to a slumber party that same day, thrown by a girl in their class. K was not invited. L is planning to attend.

I just hurt for K. I wish she either didn't want to be friends with these girls, or that they would accept her. I know she's not a typical little girl, but she is still a lot of fun and a great kid. Why can't these girls see that?

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