Monday, March 3, 2008

More art by M

M's class at school is compiling a book about their mothers. We can each buy a hardbound version for $20. Being the sucker I am, I have signed up for it.

They sent home a practice version of the page M made for the book. Here it is:

Now, anyone who knows me at all is going to see the humor here. I am not known for my superior housekeeping skills. But hey. Whatever. I also don't have red hair. When I asked M why he colored me with red hair, he said it was because he'd already colored my skin yellow, and didn't want my hair and skin to be the same color.

Today I visited a friend who has a son in the same class. His art was "My mom is as wild as a rock star". The funny thing about that is she legitimately has some OCD cleaning issues. But SHE gets to be the wild rock star while I'm the maid. Grrrrrreat. And because I bought the book, it'll be recorded for all posterity.

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Katie said...

That is really funny! Cute picture!