Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Case of the Missing Furnace. and tub.

I can't tell this story without exposing how ghetto the outside of our house looks, but oh well!

Back story: Some friends of ours desperately needed a furnace, but couldn't afford a new one. My dad owns an HVAC company, so they'd asked him to keep an eye out for a more affordable option. A couple months ago, he pulled a furnace out of a house that still had some life in it. He told our friends he'd install it for a very reasonable price. They acted interested, so my dad dropped it off at our house. Being a really bulky item, we just put it on our RV pad, figuring it'd be installed within a few days. Well, these friends ended up having even tighter than expected finances, told my dad never mind on the furnace. Great. So now we have a furnace in our yard.

Then, a couple months ago, we renovated the bathroom, and tore out the old bathtub. J broke it in half with a sledgehammer so he could get it out of the house more easily. He put it by the furnace to keep it company. We were waiting for good weather to haul those items off to the dump, or possibly to be recycled. In the meantime, our curb appeal was waaaaaaaaaay up. Not.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. As I was leaving to take the kids to school and go to the gym, a truck/trailer parks in front of the neighbor's house. It had a couple of old washer/dryers in the back. Interesting, but not really.

I came home an hour or two later, and guess what? The furnace and HALF of the tub is gone. Struck my as really weird things to steal. I'm trying to muster outrage that we were burglarized in broad daylight, but the truth is, I'm really pleased they took it, and hope they come back for a couple of other junked things that J needs to take to the dump.

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