Friday, August 17, 2007

Since I'm blogging about gross stuff...

Now, before I tell my story, I have to give background. My dh is not squeamish, and can deal with gross, icky things that I would not want to touch. However, he hates vomit. Really, really, really hates it. He hates it so much he has somehow mastered his body to not do it. Seriously. I've known him 15 years now, and he has never thrown up in all that time.

Over the weekend, we went to Ephraim to visit the family ancestral home. We took dh's new (to him) truck so that we could bring his ATV. He was going to do some repairs on my grandmother's home, then go ride ATVs with my dad and his dad.

It was the first time we were in this truck all together. DH has only had this truck a couple weeks, and had to do some minor repairs to it before it was ready for a family outing. So, the truck is nice and shiny and clean (dh is a real stickler for a clean car, which I love and appreciate). We get out on the road, and not more than 20 minutes later, M throws up all over. We pull off at a Chevron (thank you, nice Chevron people for having free, high pressure water at your station!!) and I clean up the mess. We grabbed some anti-nausea medication for M, and continued on. He says he feels much better, but dh is looking squeamish because his truck has now been vomited in.

We stopped at One Man Band Diner in Nephi for dinner, and M and S both had soup. S seems a little quiet, and doesn't eat too much soup. About a half hour later, SHE proceeds to throw up. She looks shocked for a second, then starts to cry and says, "Mommy, I spilled my soup!"

Dh and I couldn't help it. We had to just laugh out loud at that.

They both seemed fine the rest of the weekend, so maybe it was car sickness? DH's truck has officially been initiated.


Stacey said...

I'm glad the truck was broken in. ;)

My hubby is the same way about puke. I am always the one to clean it up,even when I was pregnant and had bad morning sickness.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Just found your blog, and am getting such a giggle out of you!