Friday, August 24, 2007

Shower with a frog

Today I was taking a shower when I felt a cool gush of air. Soon after, a bath toy frog came flying into the tub. He was soon followed by the other bath toys and S's excited chatter that I needed toys if I was going to take a shower. She was horrified that I was trying to take a shower with company.

It is a bit touching to me to watch my children try to care for those around them. I see shadows of my parenting in how S cares for her dolls, how K & M watch after S when they're playing outside. I love to hear S sing to her Thomas the Tank Engine as she (attempts to) put a diaper on it. M is so sweet and encouraging when he helps S climb down the stairs. K has really shown an interest in getting Z's diaper changed and picking out clothes. They are all so sweet and gentle, and it touches my heart. Hearing them repeat things that I've said to them gives me hope that they are listening, and that I am doing an ok job of raising kids. Watching S take care of her dolls lets me see just how closely she's watching, and how she imitates almost everything I do. Except for when S throws her doll at the wall. I swear she didn't learn that from me!

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Stacey said...

How thoughtful of her to share her toys!

I love when kids imitate the sweet things we do. Too cute!