Friday, August 17, 2007

Mmmmmm, boogers and mortification

I think my kids know I have grand plans to humiliate them when they reach their teenage years, so they're getting even before I strike. Today I shall talk about how my kids embarrass me with their booger pickings.

Last week, we were at a sporting goods store. M wanted to buy a snorkel and mask with his birthday money. While I was checking out, he was jabbering nonstop as usual. I turned to answer a question, and discovered he was knuckle deep into his nose. The idle cashier, a teenage boy, was watching with great interest and trying not to snicker. I snapped, "M, get your finger out of your nose!!"

He immediately took the offending finger out of his nose and stuck it in his mouth. Ewwwww! This was too much for the cashier and he started laughing out loud at this.

This did prepare me for a recent shopping trip with S. She discovered that there's stuff in her nose. Weird! She stuck her finger up her nose, pulled out a booger, and then handed it to me, deeply concerned it came out of her nose. I usually put a shopping cart cover on the seat to protect her from germs and stickiness, but it was in the wash that day. So I'm standing in walmart, half horrified, half amused with a booger on my finger, and S is about to go in again to see if she can find more! I quickly found a paper towel designed for a wet spill and cleaned off my finger, then went to a bathroom to wash my hands.

I need to start plotting for their teenage years. As Miracle Max said, "Humiliations Galore!"

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