Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Living "Green"

I stayed up the other night watching Living With Ed, an HGTV show about a couple who tries to live really environmentally friendly. He has a roof full of solar panels, and has even installed a little windmill. From what it sounds like, he has no electricity bill at all because of his gadgets. Bill Nye the Science Guy lives a couple doors down, and he has so many energy producing gadgets that his power box was actually running BACKWARDS, meaning he was actually producing excess electricity that was going into the grid. Theoretically, the power company would pay him! After two months of electricity bills in excess of $180, that sounds so nice.

I need to research these alternative power sources and see how feasible it would be to add them to our house. I'm not sure if I would want to invest too much into this house. I don't plan to live here more than a year or two longer, but for "THE HOUSE", I think it would be a fantastic investment.

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