Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trouble for S

I got the following letter from school today. I suspect that S is quite the "spirited child", but her teacher, Ms. V, doesn't report most of her antics to me.

When I got this letter, I had to text it to my mom. My mother, who everyone acknowledges is "Miss Perfect" and always has been, had a similar incident when she was about the same age. Her teacher wasn't as long suffering, and actually reported the whole thing to the principal. My mom's principal actually pulled her out of class and talked to her about it.

S wasn't all that upset about it until I grounded her from her bike today. Considering she's just barely learned how to ride without training wheels, this is very, very traumatic.

As a side note, how exactly does one climb the walls in the bathroom?


Kristen said...

Holy cow that is so funny! I would have had a hard time not laughing when it came time to talk to her about it.

Unknown said...

I think that it is too cute that she included her last name as an after thought just in case you didn't know. ;) Poor thing probably feels awful. Maybe she will stop climbing the walls now.