Sunday, February 12, 2012

Easy Ice Cream Cake

One of my nieces has a nut and an egg allergy, so finding desserts to serve at family functions that are both delicious AND allergy friendly can be a challenge. One of the more popular desserts is an ice cream cake, and I tried my hand at it today, with excellent results.  It was also quite easy, so I'm going to post instructions here. If you are trying to make this food allergy friendly, make sure you read the labels on all products- some brands are safe, some aren't.

Easy Ice Cream Cake

28 ice cream sandwiches (you may need more or less, but this was what I needed)

1.75 quart container of ice cream, softened a bit (I used chocolate, but I'm sure any flavor other than vanilla would be good)

caramel topping

chocolate topping

1-2 c. crushed oreos

12-16 oz container of whipped topping (I bought a 16 oz, spread it on crazy thick, and had quite a bit left over)

In a 9x13 pan (mine was slightly larger), lay 14 of the ice cream sandwiches flat on the bottom. If you need to cut a little off to make it work, it'll give you extra energy to finish assembling.

Then, squirt some of the chocolate and caramel over the sandwiches.

Then, sprinkle some of the oreo crumbs.

Then smooth the softened 1.75 quarts of ice cream on top.

Squirt more chocolate and caramel, and sprinkle more oreos on top.

Lastly, put the remaining 14 ice cream sandwiches on top.  Cover with foil, and freeze at least overnight.

Just before serving, remove from freezer. Put some very hot water either on a baking sheet or in another 9x13 pan. Dip the bottom of the ice cream pan in the hot water for a minute or two to soften the edges a little.

 Put a cookie sheet over the top of the 9x13 pan, then invert. If you're lucky, it'll all come out as one solid piece.  Smooth the whipped topping over the sides and top of your ice cream cake. Squirt more chocolate and caramel over the top to make it look pretty.  Serve immediately. For us, it served 14 kids and 10 adults, with 2 pieces left over.

I thought it had a nice layered effect


Unknown said...

OMGoodness that looks so yummy Wendy! Can you make one for me? ;)

BevBaby said...

Oh yes. My five year old granddaughter will be able to make this for her daddy (with Nannie helping). He can't have nuts, but she can sprinkle some on top of other peoples slice that love nuts and sprinkled too. She is quite the little cook and gardener.