Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Indoor Lettuce

My latest idea is to grow lettuce inside. I've seen those kits you can buy to grow lettuce under a special light. I figured with as much sun as my kitchen window sees, I didn't need a special light.

While at the store the other day, I bought pea seeds. Yes, folks, I actually remembered to buy peas before May!! This is a banner year! While getting the seeds, I saw a packet for a neat looking variety of lettuce. Inspiration hit.

I bought a long planter and a packet of the neat variety of lettuce.

On Saturday, we planted the peas out in the garden that J had spent the weekend turning and getting ready for spring. While out there, I got the planter filled with potting soil, and planted the lettuce. I brought the planter inside, placed it in the window and watered. The packet said that it would sprout in 10-14 days, so I sat back and planned to be patient.
Look what I found today though, less than 72 hours later?

I am so excited!

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