Monday, February 9, 2009

That boy is TROUBLE!

As Z approaches his second birthday, he is becoming more, um, adventurous. I am going to predict that he is as much trouble as M was as a toddler. Help.

Here Z is, attempting to climb my chair.

Z has noticed that there's food in this cupboard, some of it really good. He'll move chairs over so that he can climb on the counter to get to said food.

He got this toy ATV for his birthday last year. LOVES LOVES LOVES it. However, for inexplicable reasons, he insists on putting it on our love sack. As I was taking pictures to show this, he accidentally rolled it. He thinks this is hysterical, and as I type this, he is purposely rolling the atv on the bean bag. This kid is dying for an ER trip.


Kristen said...

I guess he is already thinking of ways to impress the ladies... maybe a couple of really cool scars should do the trick!

Jim said...

Just like his Papa M. Turtle Turtle.