Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jazz Game

Last night, J and I were able to go to a Jazz game together. My Grandma J has season tickets, and she gives J a pair of them every year for his birthday present. My SIL, Jody, babysat the kids for me because my usual sitter had to cancel (her mother has decided that she can't be out past 9pm on school nights, which is understandable. Inconvenient, but understandable).

We got down there, and decided to eat at the Chemical Waste Arena errr, I mean Energy Solutions Arena. We then settled into our seats and enjoyed the game.

We had an absolute blast, and enjoyed having an evening to ourselves. For one of the time out activities, they ended up throwing out really neat blue and purple Jazz balls into the audience. By some miracle, one found it's way up to us (we're in the upper bowl, so it's a bit amazing). A guy behind us tried to catch it, but it bounced off his fingers, and into J's arms. That guy had a kid with him. I'd guess he was 7 or 8. I felt really bad that we got it, and thought the boy seemed really disappointed that they hadn't gotten it. I talked J into giving the ball to them. He didn't want to, but he is such a sweetheart that he tries to make me happy. So he gives the ball to the kid, and the kid was so indifferent that he ended up giving it to the surly teenager sitting next to them, who took it in stride. WHAT?! If I'd had any idea that was going to happen, I would've taken it home to my four kids who would've been thrilled to see it. They were selling the same ball for $21. If the kid had been thrilled to get it, I would've felt really warm and fuzzy about the whole thing. But since they acted like it was no big deal, I was left brooding the rest of the game, and really angry with myself for talking J into giving it up. I will just have to hope that karma exists, and someday someone will do the same for my kids, and that if that does happen, my kids react in such a way that the giver will not regret doing it.

We did have an absolutely wonderful time. It's made J start pricing out tickets, thinking we should go to more games, and try to take the kids with us as well. We had a wonderful date; it was so great to have couple time again. The whole time, though, we were talking about how much the kids would've loved being there.

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