Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SO glad I'm not a teenager

Last night I was reading my diary from high school. It was so teen angsty and full of dramah! that I had trouble reading it, and I was the author!

Everything was such a big deal, and so dramatic and life and death. Plus, there's the whole insecurities of being a teen, all the dating and friendship stuff. UGH!

Sometimes, when I'm up to my eyeballs in crying, poopy, fighting kids, I fantasize about "the good old days" of high school. Reading back made me remember that it wasn't so great after all. I remember getting so angry at people who talked about their teen years being the best of their life. I felt so miserable I thought they were out of their mind. And yet, I sometimes find myself fantasizing for the simplicity of it. But reading, it wasn't simple.

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Chardell said...

I agree. I get so embarrassed reading my journal. It really is so pathetic. And I think it's so funny when Ashley's being dramatic but I hide it because it's pretty serious stuff to her.