Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend at the cabin

My parents invited everyone up to spend Saturday evening at the cabin. It's one of our family's favorite places to go, so we jumped at the invitation. In fact, J wanted to spend the night. It was kind of a funny twist. I called my mom.

"Mom, I know you get asked every weekend by one of my children if they can sleep over. This is a new twist on that. J wants to know if he can sleep over Sat."

Mom: "huh?"

Then she remembered we were going to be at the cabin, and understood why my husband was so hot to sleep over at her house. They were fine with it, so the sleepover was planned.

We were a little late getting there, and when we were just about there, I get a phone call from my dad. He was speaking VERRRRRY quietly. He wanted to give us the heads up that a mother moose and her calf were just outside the cabin. He thought if we approached quietly enough, we may able to see them. Also, as you may know, a mother moose is one of the more dangerous wild animals you will encounter in Utah, so he wanted us to be careful.

When we got to the property, we saw them. Instead of being right next to the deck, they were on the road leading up to the property. They were actually blocking our way.

They were spooked by our truck and got out of the way quickly.

We had a really nice visit with my sisters, brother in law (wow, how cool is that? I have a new brother in law), grandmother and uncle. The sleepover part was a little tough. Z insisted on sleeping with me, and there just isn't room for mommy, daddy, and Z in a double bed, so J was relegated to the bunk bed.

We really do love going up there. It's so beautiful- wild and green and so far away from civilization.


Chardell said...

Very nice! I want a cabin!

Kristen said...

I am jealous, I want a cabin too. I think my hubby would want to be there all the time if we had one. I bet your kids love it!