Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Drive in the mountains

On Sunday, we decided to take a drive through the mountains to look at the autumn leaves.

We drove up to Snowbasin ski resort, and then ended up in the North Fork Campground. We let the kids get out and collect leaves.

We also ended up finding this little snake, much to the delight of the kids (especially J).


We also found and brought home 7 Woolly Bear Caterpillars. I was thinking we'd give them to S's preschool, but they want us to hang on to them until they're in their cocoons. Unfortunately for us, they are supposed to spend the winter in caterpillar form in the fridge. yay us.

Here's the kids in the leaves.


Kristen said...

How fun, I am sure your hubby was not loving posing with that snake... good thing it was a tiny one, you can't see the fear in his eyes :0)

Chardell said...

I used to be creative taking kids pictures. I need to get there again by following your lead. Great pictures.

Kristin said...

Great pictures!! You are too good to take home the catepillars...no way would I do that!!

Shelley said...

Gorgeous pics !!! Looks at those colorful leaves! I can't wait!