Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My sister and secrets

My younger sister, J, is terrible with secrets. Can not handle them. If there is something she doesn't know, it will drive her crazy. I am the same way, but not nearly as extreme. Presents are also considered secrets. She was terrible about snooping around for our Christmas presents when we were kids. She also peeked at presents, carefully unwrapping and rewrapping gifts. One year, my parents had all of her presents canned. Not only were they canned, but they added tools to the can so that it made an unusual CLUNK when shaken, and made the can heavier. I think she came within a hairsbreadth of going insane that year. We all still laugh about how it drove her crazy.

She has been with her boyfriend, M, for several years now, and we suspected he was thinking of proposing (there may have been a few threats made). The two had gone shopping for rings, just to look. He casually mentioned that he would probably want my mom's opinion as well.

Yesterday, I get a phone call from J.

"Where's mom?"

"Uh, I don't know. She didn't give me her schedule for the week."

"You promise you don't know? You're not lying to me and not telling me?"

At this point, I'm a little confused. It's not that unusual for her to call me if she can't get a hold of mom. Like I keep that close track of my parents, even though I live 45 miles away and am up to my eyeballs in my own family's goings on. But for her to accuse me of withholding is unusual. So I ask her to clarify. J and my mom have been going to work out every week day for a month or so now. An hour before their standing appointment, my mom called to verify they were going to meet. Ten minutes before their appointment, she suddenly calls and says she can't make it, something came up. When asked what, she said she couldn't tell. (Note to self: teach mother to lie) Of course, this becomes a secret, and J is instantly interested and going nuts. If my mom had come up with some last minute church meeting, J wouldn't have raised an eyebrow.

After talking for a bit, J and I wonder if my mom went with M to look at the rings she had picked out. She decides she must go drive past the store to see. Unfortunately, I have just enough crazy in me that I probably would've done the same thing. When she drove by, she didn't see them. She was disappointed. She decided to drive past my parents' house to see if his car was there. It wasn't. So, she decided to drive past the jewelry store again on the way home. This time, we see his car there (well, I'm only there vicariously, on the phone). We both squeal with delight, and then I get off the phone.

Well, apparently on J's first drive by, M was only a couple cars ahead of her on the road, so he saw her (one has to wonder if she would've seen his car if she hadn't been on the phone. Oops).

When he got home, he acted as cool as a cucumber. Asked her if she'd had a good workout with her mom. She said she hadn't because she'd had things to do, but wouldn't say what.

Eventually it came out that he'd seen her following him, and everyone had a good laugh. J has completely ransacked his things, but can't find the ring. So she is now going nuts. She doesn't know when he'll propose or how. I hope he can manage to surprise her that much. And I really hope he doesn't have that ring anywhere in their condo or his car because J *will* find it if it is. We're kind of thinking it may be in my parents' safe. My dad changes the combo on it regularly, and won't tell us kids the combo. He also won't tell Jill what's inside. It drives her crazy. Absolutely crazy. I didn't care til he refused to tell us the combo. Now I have to admit it intrigues me too. I'm sure it's just legal documents and his guns, but the fact that he won't confirm is annoying.

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