Monday, February 4, 2008


I've been holding a pity party for myself the last little while because of Z's lack of sleep, the tiny house we're in, and going door to door selling girl scout cookies with K. I know I really do have a lot, so here's a list of things I'm gratitude.

1- My husband

He really is a wonderful guy. He treats me and the kids well, no abuse. He earns a good living. He helps around the house (not as much as I'd like, but better than the average husband). He doesn't have any destructive, bad habits. While our relationship ebbs and flows, the lows have never been anywhere near as low as most other couples I know. Right now we're in a high spot, and it's been really amazing the emotional connection we have right now. He is very smart, and we have good conversations. He respects me as a person and considers me an equal. We are on the same page when it comes to finances, religion, parenting, etc. I just feel so lucky that we get along so well.

2- My children

Every day I look at them and am amazed they're mine. They're beautiful, smart and sweet. They're healthy. When I was pregnant with each of them, I obsessed over whether or not they'd be healthy. Each time I gave birth to a perfect baby, it felt like I'd won the lottery. I can't believe my luck, that I won four times.

3- My "stuff"

Yeah, I'm not rich. But I never have to worry about whether or not my car will die, where the next meal will come from, if the power or water will be shut off, or whether our house will be broken into. Yeah, our house and car aren't as nice as I'd ideally like, but they are good. Most of the world would kill to be in our financial position.

4- My health

yeah, I'm blind as a bat. But I have access to glasses and contacts. I'm chubbier than I want to be, but I don't have to worry about starving. I can always lose weight. I have terrible stretch marks on my belly. I guess I can always get plastic surgery. But, I am not on any medication. I have no health concerns. That is HUGE.

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