Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eight Years ago today

It is a beautiful sunny day today. The kids were convinced it was too warm for their regular winter coats and insisted on light jackets. The temperature outside was 32 degrees, but it was so bright and sunny that it looked much warmer. I took all of them out to the car to give them a ride to school. I found that dh had scraped the ice off my windshield. More often than not, I find that he's done that for me. It's a small gesture, but very touching and sweet.

Eight years ago today, I was in labor with #2. It was a cold, stormy, snowy day. I was induced because I didn't want to have another huge baby. It was a fairly easy labor. Total of 4 hours from my water being broken and being hooked up to pitocin to when I was holding M in my arms.

M is so excited for his birthday that he can't see straight. Tonight I am going to take him, K, and M's friend to Nicklecade and let them play video games. I will then take them out to dinner somewhere. Probably McDonalds, knowing M's taste. blecch. I wouldn't let him open his birthday presents til the whole family would be around. But, I did put them on the counter so he could poke, prod and otherwise obsess over them. He also requested that I make chocolate cupcakes with white frosting for his birthday cake. The cupcakes are cooling on the counter. Once I get them frosted, I'll revise this post with a picture of a cupcake.

Happy Birthday M! I am so blessed and happy to have you for my son.

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