Thursday, January 17, 2008

a peek into my obsessive, demented psyche

Great Harvest Bread company offers this delicious white chocolate cherry swirl bread around Jan/Feb. It is to die for. I crave it, and look forward to it coming out each year.

I've devised a recipe for it, but my cherries aren't quite right. Their cherries almost seem to be a dried, candied cherry. I've tried using dried cherries. Nope. Canned pie cherries? Really, really good, but not particularly appealing to look at (they have a clotted blood look to them since there's no artificial color).

So, a couple days ago, I got a coupon. Not only is THE BREAD back, but I have a dollar off coupon. SCORE!!!

On Tuesday, I took the big kids to school, and went to the brand new Great Harvest that is mere blocks from my house. Sadly, they are not making the cherry bread. They have a raspberry chocolate bread that I will have to try out, but my craving for THE BREAD was too strong to accept substitutes. So, I drove to one that's a couple of miles away.
I am told that for now, they're only baking THE BREAD on Wednesdays.

I suck it up and go home.

Wednesday, I drop the kids off at school, and drive back. They don't bake THE BREAD at their location, and they don't get it delivered until noon. So, I go to a third location (where THE BREAD is baked). They are rolling out the dough for it as I enter, so it's obviously not finished.

I am tempted to ask them about the cherries they use while I'm there, or hang out to watch, but the idea of chasing S & Z around kills that urge quickly.

I dejectedly return home. Play with the littles, feed them lunch, put them down for a nap. Get them up from their naps, pick up the big kids from school, host cub scouts.

Load everyone in the car and head back to Great Harvest. Get this. SOLD OUT! waaaaaaaah! The guy at the counter was really sweet, and called location #3 to see if they had any (they didn't). Then offered to take an order so that the loaf would be saved for me. I jumped on that.

But. Six more sleeps until I can have THE BREAD. I may make a loaf of my version to hold me over.

Here's what my bread looks like. Yummy, but kind of scary looking.


Katie said...

Mmmmm... that sounds fabulous. I hope you can get some soon!

Kirsten said...

Well...did you get your bread?