Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a date a date a REAL LIVE DATE!!!!

Since Z has been born, my husband and I have been very bad about the date thing. It's been suggested at church and in all the relationship books I've ever read that a married couple should continue to court each other, and they should go on dates occasionally. I always have a tough time leaving my babies because they tend to be deeply in love with mommy, and don't behave as well for other people. Compounding that is the fact that I breastfeed, and my kids have never been very good about taking bottles (K was pretty good about it, but only if I used a particular brand and if the temperature was just right).

Nowadays, we don't have any teenage sitters around us, so we rarely, if ever, get out alone. Back in December we went to my husband's company party together. Then, in September, we went on a 30 minute ATV ride together. In July, we went together for my husband's vasectomy. And that sums up our alone time.

For his birthday, my grandmother gave Jim two tickets to a Utah Jazz game. My parents offered to drive up and babysit for us.

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. This is very new to Utah, so the waits are generally about 2 hours long. We had luck with us and were at our table within 5 minutes. The food was good, although the portions were huge. I ate my fill last night, then had some for lunch. S. also had some, and there's still an adult sized portion of spaghetti in the fridge.

Our seats were really great for the game. We had to kick some squatters out of them, but that was painless.

When we got home, my parents admitted they'd let the kids stay up a little late and gave them ice cream for dinner. I was totally fine with that. The little stinkers told on grandma and grandpa this morning though. They need to learn when to keep their mouths shut!

We had such a fun time, and it was so nice to spend time alone with my husband and not have to worry about chasing kids. I think we'll definitely have to do it more often.

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Katie said...

That's so great. We haven't been on a date since July (our anniversary), but it didn't feel like a date since we had our 3 month old baby with us. So sad. We need to work on that, too.