Thursday, January 17, 2008


This morning our whole family (sans Z) had a dentist appointment. My husband hasn't been to the dentist in a good six years, but I got him an appointment today. Apparently, I have to make appointments for him to go, and I'd not made him an appointment for that long. They were shocked that his teeth looked as good as they did. He claimed they had to get a jackhammer out to get some of the tartar off, but he is still cavity free. He swears it's a combination of drinking Magna Water (for those of you outside of the area, Magna's water is notoriously full of minerals) and eating an entire bottle of flouride pills as a child.

I had never had a cavity until Zack was a newborn. They found a couple tiny cavities then. Until that point, I had not minded the dentist. Since having those fillings, I have developed a serious phobia of it. I hate going now. Hate hate hate it. And I feel like such a baby about it. Two itty, bitty cavities. In fact one of them was just barely into a cavity, didn't even show up on xrays. So very minor dental work. Anyway, I am happy to note that I have no cavities. Phew!!!!!

All three kids did really well with the dentist. None of them have cavities, and although S was nervous, she let the dentist brush her teeth as long as I held her on my lap.

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