Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vegetable Garden 2010

I got our garden planted today. I was a little disappointed because I bought some seeds for some fun veggies- some purplish tomatoes, and multicolored peppers, but I didn't get them started indoors in time.

So, this year, I've planted:

1 grape tomato
4 roma tomatoes
4 slicing tomatoes
4 eggplant
4 jalapeno
4 celery
1 cucumber
1 cantaloupe
1 watermelon
1 zucchini
1 spaghetti squash
1 crookneck squash
1 packet of multicolored carrots
1 row of red corn
4 rows peas (I DID remember to plant these in March. Go me!)
Adirondack Blue Potatoes

The potatoes are a little bit of a gamble. They are left over from last year. I intended to save them and use them as my seeds this year. Unfortunately, they were kept a little warmer than they should have, and they each had a good two feet of growth on them when I brought them upstairs. I cut the shoot off and planted. 25% of my garden is these potatoes, so I'm really, really, really hoping they grow.

I will be adding a pumpkin or two to the mix, but the garden center I went to didn't have a good selection, so I'll have to go to J&J Nursery to get a couple starts.

At Jerry's, the nursery I went to today, they have an amazing selection of roses. I only bought two, and that was a tough choice. Now that I see how much fenceline I have, I realize I can buy more. I bought a Joseph's Coat and a Hotel California. They had 4 or so yellow roses to choose from, but since I LOVE that song, it won. The yellow is in honor of my Grandma Jane. Yes, she's still alive, and it's her favorite color of rose. When better to honor our favorite people than when they're still alive? The Joseph's Coat is for *MY* mom.

I also bought several herbs to replace the ones that didn't come back this year- I got a rosemary, oregano, chamomile, and dill.

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Charlie said...

LOVE the garden! I usually plant mine Mother's Day weekend, but the weather... well and let's be honest, life got in the way! So today it was. :)

Yours is much more ambitious than mine this year. Can't wait to hear how the Adirondack Purple potatoes come out!