Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm in trouble!

Easter Egger Chicks- 9 days old

So, I bought those 5 chicks last week, when I only intended to buy two. I figured I'd post a KSL ad and sell the other three. Only, I didn't post the ad that first day, like I should have.

Now, I've had them for a week. Sad to say, I'm getting attached. Even worse, with their feathers starting to show on the wings, I'm speculating on what they're going to look like as adults.

The two I had easily planned to give away (Lucky and Spike) look like they'll end up being a rich, dark brown with speckles, which sounds just gorgeous. K is still loving Blondie, who is the cutest chick now, but I think will be the ugliest as an adult. We have room in our henhouse for 6 hens, right? It's more than I planned, and I'd really wanted to get a Copper Marans, but maybe we'll just do this.

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