Monday, April 12, 2010

RIP Pinky

Saturday morning, I checked on the chicks before I left to do my volunteer time at the gym daycare. They were doing great, looking cute. I had to leave Z home with daddy because he has a cold, and no sick kids are allowed at the gym.

While S and I were gone, J was out washing and detailing our cars (I LOVE that man!). Z was in and out of the house.

Soon after I got home, M noticed that Pinky was laying on the ground in their little box. Sure enough, she had died, but was still warm. We buried her in the yard, and everyone was really sad. S especially was devastated because Pinky was "her" chick.

Considering how healthy Pinky was, I am wondering if possibly Z had something to do with her death (I'm trying desperately not to make any "fowl play" jokes, since a beloved pet has died, but it's difficult!). He loves the chicks, and is always asking to hold them. I can't say that he wouldn't try to hold the chicks on his own if he wasn't properly supervised.

Once the remaining 3 are grown, we'll get rid of any roosters (I'm still reasonably certain that Sky and Sunkist are male), and then buy enough full grown hens so that we have a total of four chickens.

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