Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm a Cleaning Boy!

Today we made an emergency trip to Costco for diapers. Z has no interest in potty training.

While there, we saw a "portable hydration system" for $20. It was the same brand/style as our other pack. We love those packs, and our only complaint is while it does have a 80 oz bladder, that's not enough for our entire family. So, we decided to buy a second pack.

Z has been wearing it all over the house today, so excited to have his own "pack pack". He noticed the straw, and kept trying to drink from it. I gave in and put some water in it for him, and he played happily for a couple hours.

J just called me upstairs, and I could tell by the tone of his voice I wasn't going to like what he had to say. The little kids, on their play camping trip, took apart the pack and spilled the water all over the floor in his room. Trying to hide the evidence, Z had taken some of his clothes out of the dresser, and they were mopping up the water with that. When J discovered them, he gave them each a towel.

This is the point where I came in. I could tell the kids were scared what my reaction was going to be, and Z worked even harder, telling me, "We're cleaning boys!"

It's impossible to be mad when a 3 year old says that, and is busily working. It's only water. It was too cute.

I was a little surprised that S didn't take issue with being called a boy.

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