Sunday, July 19, 2009

High Uintas

J had his heart set on going to Washington Lake, in the High Uintas this last weekend. We left just after noon on Friday, and got up there by 4. Unfortunately, the Washington Lake campground was packed. The hosts told us it's been totally sold out since June 17, when the campground opened.

So, we found just some place to camp the first night. It really was lovely, and nobody close by. There was a neat beaver dam nearby.

Early the next morning, we packed up and sweet talked the hosts to sell us a spot that hadn't been vacated yet. While we waited, we hiked to Shoestring Lake. It was gorgeous with a ton of blooming lilypads, and lots of salamanders and frogs.
Wild columbine:

We got a really gorgeous spot at Washington Lake. The mosquitoes were absolutely ferocious, and would only respond to the most powerful deet based repellent out there. Even so, our kids look a bit lumpy and swollen today.J and the kids did a bit of fishing. J caught the most, with S catching a couple, as well as K. K caught this beautiful albino trout. J felt it wasn't large enough to keep, so all but 3 fish went back. Two of those were sick, so J and the kids had to fight over one fish. It all worked out ok though.

We had a wonderful time.

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