Thursday, July 9, 2009

Got a food handler's permit

A good friend of mine has a side business of snow cones and shaved ice. I had no idea there was a difference, and said so. She schooled me real quick by letting me have one of each. A snowcone is coarsely ground ice with the flavoring dumped on top. A slushy is a slightly watered down version of a snow cone. I got to try a shaved ice a few days ago, and that really is dramatically different. She swore there was a huge difference, and I have to admit I laughed to myself and thought, "Whatever!" She's right. A shave ice is like snow with flavoring. Totally different texture.

Anyway, she's wanting to have K work with her at some events. Because I am a bit uncomfortable with K going off on her own, I end up being around for a bit, and if things get busy, I can't help but jump in. To be up to snuff, every employee has to have a food handler's permit, so she asked that K get one.

I figured if I was taking her to Farmington to get one, I may as well get one too. Davis county has an online pdf with all the information you need to know. I've had K studying it for the past few weeks. I browsed through it today, figuring that things haven't changed that much since I was 16 and getting it the first time around.

Back then, you had to go in and take a class, then take the test. Now, you study the material at home, and they have a small room where you can take the test.

Those poor women had no idea we were about to descend upon them. I did try to make it as untraumatic as possible. I tied... er.... secured safely in a stroller the younger two kids. Everyone was full of energy and enthusiasm after a 30 minute car drive and promises of Krispy Kreme donuts if they behaved. We paid for the test ($10 each), and she looked at my kids bouncing off the walls and suggested that we take the test in their conference room instead of their test room (I'm sure the other people testing wholeheartedly agreed with this plan).

The younger three talked a mile a minute while I took the test. I managed to block them pretty well, and finished in just a couple minutes. The receptionist seemed surprised to see me so quickly, but scanned my test. I got 49/50. Yay me! I got an amazingly UNFLATTERING photograph of me on a card, and I was done. K took about 10 minutes longer, and got 43/50. Her photo is only slightly more flattering.

We then got Krispy Kreme donuts and lived happily ever after. The end.

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Kristen said...

I always wanted to work in the snow shack but my mom would never let me.