Monday, November 3, 2008

The Littles Halloween Costumes

I already posted pictures of the older two in costume. M didn't let me paint his face for real halloween, so it wouldn't have been worth taking a picture of him on the big day anyway.

Here is S. She has pants under her dress so that she wouldn't freeze. We also ended up putting a turtleneck on underneath as well.

This was the warmest Halloween I have ever remembered. It was so nice. No coats to ruin the costumes, no numb fingers or toes, no crying kids
because they're cold.

Z was initially opposed to the idea of putting on a costume and trick or treating. Maybe it was because we lost his plastic pumpkin, and he was using a buc
ket with Easter Eggs all over it? Anyway, once he realized all these people were giving him "Can-nee", he was all over trick or treating, and had a blast.