Monday, November 17, 2008

Chasing Horses

Our next door neighbors are boarding three sweet horses. Two mares and an older filly. Both of the mares are pregnant. They are all very nice, friendly horses. Unfortunately, they are also very hungry. They have quickly almost decimated the weeds/grass in their yard. I've seen the horses' owners bringing hay in, but apparently it wasn't enough.

This morning as I was loading kids into the car, I glanced over and saw one of the mares in our neighbor's front yard. I told the kids I was sure she was tethered there so she could get to some fresh grass. As we drove by, however, I could tell she was NOT tied up. So, I stopped the car and knocked on my neighbor's door.

"Hey, G, guess what you have in your front yard?"

"Um, what?"

"A horse!"


I got an apple from her to lure the horse back to the fenced part of the yard while she called the horse's owners. The horse was happy to see me, and followed me back. She had bent a fence post just enough to get through. It was tight enough that I didn't see an easy way to convince her to go back into the fenced portion. So, I gave her the apple. She finished, and then saw our back yard, full of grass and alfalfa. She made a beeline for it.

Meanwhile, her fellow horses had noticed she was out, and they were going a little crazy, calling to her.

By this time, my kids are very nearly late to school, so I had to go. When I got home, all horses were back in their yard.

I told my neighbor that the horse owners were welcome to tether the horses in our yard to give them a little something extra to eat. I hope they take me up on it. I have been genuinely concerned about whether or not the horses are getting enough.

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