Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Children in France, or one of the ways I lie to my children

J was on a business trip in France this week.  He promised the kids presents upon his return.  In Z's mind, it turns out that "presents"= toys.

He was out of his mind waiting for his daddy to get home. I wanted to think that he just missed J, but I suspected it was the present.

This afternoon, J got home from his trip.  He got each of the little kids a tshirt from Paris.

Z tried really hard to hold it together, but he absolutely crushed that he didn't get a toy. He was trying really hard not to cry.  In an attempt to cheer him up, S says, "I'm really sad that I didn't get a toy too, but I'm not crying about it." Ouch.  Poor J.

He asked J why he didn't bring toys.

Me, in a fit of deceitful imagination, burst out, "Because the children in France don't have toys!" This stops both kids cold, and their eyes got very big.  "Why not?!"

"I guess they just don't believe in toys for children."

They've done nothing but talk about the poor children in France who don't have toys, and are contemplating sending some of their toys over there.

So, if my kids say something about toyless children in France, I have no idea where they heard that idea.

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