Sunday, October 7, 2012

Romance in Burritos

I think that I've done a pretty good job of establishing the fact that in the traditional sense of the word, my husband is not the most romantic guy. He's never been much for love letters, flowers, poetry, etc. I have to admit I love that stuff, but most of the time, when he tries to be romantic in the traditional sense, it feels strange and awkward to me because it doesn't seem natural.

He shows his love in other ways though, and though it seems so simple and basic, it's very, very sweet.

For example: today.  I have been running around like a mad woman all day. I have a brief 10 minutes at home, but had to gather up some fruits and veggies in that time. He made me a bean burrito. Grilled it even! And wrapped it in a paper towel so that I could eat it as I drove (I know, that's frowned upon, but I swear I was really careful and attentive to the road).

I didn't ask him to do that, and it was a very sweet, surprising gesture.

I love that guy.

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