Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sugar Free January

I decided to do something rather drastic for January after discovering a few days ago that I had regained almost half the weight I lost in 2011. Yikes!! I have decided to go sugar free for the month of January.

Now, I'm not that meticulous, so I'm not being completely crazy about it. I know that sugar is added to many foods in surprising ways. I'm not too worried about sugar found in whole wheat bread, bbq sauce, peanut butter, or taco seasoning (?! Yep, there's sugar in there), etc.

I'm simply avoiding the obvious sugar foods- I am not eating any cakes, cookies, candy, soda (sob!) or ice cream.

Today marks the beginning of day three. I was kind of overloaded on sweets in December (hence my decision to do it for January), so I haven't missed that sort of thing at all yet. I DO miss my Mountain Dew though.

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