Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A New Stove!

When we bought our house a few years ago, we immediately started remodeling the kitchen. I desperately wanted a gas range, but the ones I wanted were a bit spendy. In addition, our kitchen could only be called "tiny", and I figured that if I got a smooth surface range, I could use the cook top as counter space as needed.

I've really coveted gas ranges ever since though, and have been sad that I didn't have a gas range, especially since all the cool cooks had one. I got a nice commission check from my real estate business a couple months ago, and decided to finally give in and buy the range.

I have a friend who works in the Sears appliance department, and he helped me figure out what I wanted, then let me know when to buy it.

I invited my dad up for dinner, and he and J did all the plumbing for the gas line.

Meanwhile, I took our big, growly pickup truck to go pick up my range. Helped the guys load it, then tied it down myself. Then, I went to Lowes and got all the electrical parts and the flex conduit. I could just feel the chest hairs sprouting as I did all of that. It was kind of fun.

I am so excited to cook on it!Isn't it pretty and shiny?

After it was all installed, I brought S & Z into the kitchen to give them a lecture about safety. Z in particular tends to twist knobs whenever he can. Today alone, he turned on the water heater to the trailer, opened the drain of the gray water to the trailer, and turned on the hose bib to the house. Obviously, he couldn't be doing this with a gas line. I made a big deal about how dangerous it was to twist these knobs, and how if little kids twist them, it could make a big fire, and we could get burned, or our house could catch fire.

I then went to SHOW them what happened if they twisted the knobs, hoping to appease their curiosity. Z actually ran from the kitchen, yelling not to make a fire. I had to try to explain that it's ok if Mommy, Daddy, K or M do it. Just not little kids. I don't think he's convinced though. I suspect he'll freak out when it comes time to cook dinner tomorrow night.

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