Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why my cell phone is hidden while I shower

Whenever I take a shower, I usually take the phone into the bathroom with me. That way, I know whether or not I miss any calls, and I don't have to worry about shenanigans involving my children and the phone.

Unfortunately, the other morning, I was distracted. I had a closing coming right up, and was thinking of that while I was at the gym. I got home from my workout, and got Diego to babysit the kids while I took a shower.

After I got up, S came up to me and announced that I had missed a call. But it was ok, she said, she told them I was taking a shower. Uh oh. I forgot to bring my cell phone with me. I find my phone, and sure enough, there is a voice mail. No missed call though. Hmmm. This means that she answered the phone (or so I thought). I checked my voice mail, and discovered that one of my little darlings had tossed my wallet out the window of the car while I was buckling children into their car seats. Thank goodness I belong to a gym full of honest women!

I trek on over to the gym to claim my wallet. The girl working the front desk laughs a little as she gives it to me, and tells me the story. Someone turned in the wallet (with every penny accounted for). Employee tries to call me and tell me where it is. She was in the middle of leaving me a voice mail when she sees another call coming in, and that it's my phone. She ends the voice mail and answers the phone. A little tiny voice said, "My mommy is in the shower right now so she can't talk to you."

All I can say is that I'm really glad it wasn't somebody calling me from the professional side of my life.

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Kristen said...

that is so cute, she had your back. What a good little girl! Wyatt just used my house phone last month to call 911 and then hang up. GRRRrr..