Thursday, December 11, 2008

Going, going gone!!!

We leave tomorrow morning for our cruise. I am really excited, but I have to admit I am going to miss my babies like crazy. I am trying to be only excited, but I got a little weepy as I was putting them to bed.

I know they will have a lot of fun with our family this week. I know they'll be well taken care of. We will have a blast, as will they. But, it's still hard to leave them. I will take it as a sign that I'm a good mom.


ReneeLynn03 said...

Have a great time!! Take lots of pics. I hate leaving my baby too, so I know how you feel, although I've never done it for a week. YAY Can't wait to hear how it went when you get back.

jody said...

I am insanely jealous. I wish we could be leaving with you. Sabrina is having a great time today. Enjoy yourselves.