Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Funniest Blog Ever!!!

I found THIS blog today. I have been crying I'm laughing so hard. Seriously, what are some people thinking?!

It reminds me of the one and only nightmare I had when I was planning my wedding. A few weeks before my own wedding, I went to another wedding. The family was so excited and proud because the bride had made her own wedding cake. They bragged about it to anyone who would listen. Her cake belonged on that blog, in my personal opinion.

That night, I had a nightmare. It was my wedding reception. The people delivering the cake were late. When they delivered the cake, it was awful. It was a rectangle sheet cake with a heart shaped cake over the top. It was all covered in a hot pink fondant, and a yellowish-creamy colored icing to edge it. It then said, "Happy Wedding Jim and Wendy" and then the wrong date. I woke in a cold sweat. I suppose as far as pre-wedding nightmares go, that's pretty tame. Nevertheless, I was very relieved when my absolutely gorgeous wedding cake was delivered.

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